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Who Are We?


You may be wondering a little about how we came to be here with you today...


Allow me to tell you the story of how Dark Horse Travel™ was born. We're just small town folk from sunny Sarasota, Florida. My colleagues and I traveled extensively for our jobs. We'd been to just about every airport, and every part of the world during our tenure. We started noticing a very common trend wherever we traveled... None of the airports, or magazine products were very appealing. It was mostly all of the same standard junk being sold. Let me tell you... we were growing extremely tired of this commonality.

For us, it was paramount that we be as prepared as possible during our business trips. This meant that we were heavily reliant on the gear that we brought along with us to stand up to the challenge. We were struggling to find truly unique travel gear that wouldn't break down after just one or two trips.

And... we were becoming more and more frustrated relying on faulty, cheaply made products that let us down time after time. We knew there had to be unique, high quality alternatives that were also very affordable for the average person like us.



Then... the bottom fell out from under us when myself and my business partner were traveling to Northern Africa on a business trip. Over the course of the trip, we had a few major setbacks which finally put us over the edge.

Firstly, I had my credit card information swiped at the airport. Secondly, my partners laptop computer was damaged during transit, and rendered useless. I can attribute my situation to not being equipped with proper RFID protection, something that I thought was never a big deal, and was even skeptical if it worked at all. Turns out it really does work. Since then I switched, and have NEVER had an issue. A cheap, fragile case can be blamed for my partners broken computer. We then had a moment where we both looked at each other and decided that we were DONE settling for inferior products.

We were uneasy and stressed for the whole entire three weeks of the trip. Before we even got going, we got knocked back, in a big way. Both of us had a sour taste in our mouths and couldn't rest easily from then on. Maybe these emotions were unrealistic, and I am in no way saying that Northern Africa is to blame. These emotions are simply indicative of the obstacles we faced.

We were down, but not out. This is when the idea struck us that maybe we could actually do something to solve these problems... Because these types of issues arose on so many occasions, not just this one trip we are telling you about now.



We then came to the realization that there was a major deficiency when it came to finding unique, high quality, and affordable travel accessories. Nothing we saw checked all three of these boxes. It took several years to discover this, and the "Ahh Haa" moment came to us during our trip to Africa.


At that point, everything changed!

We finally discovered that: 

- We needed to design travel gear that could be relied upon. Out of necessity...

- Many other people shared the same exact feelings as we did. We weren't alone! 

- It wasn't just business travelers like us who expressed strong interest in what we were doing. Leisure travelers, and every other type of traveler in between were in full support of our mission.


What started as a journey based around our own needs, quickly grew into something much larger than just us. Three very important ideas were considered before even creating the Dark Horse Travel™ brand. 

1. Design products that would solve problems for all types of travelers.

2. Relate to other travelers. We know from extensive first hand experience what some of the struggles can be when going on a new adventure to a foreign land!

3. Help people get the absolute most out of their travels. Our mission is to make your travel experience the most enjoyable, stress free time of your life. 



Now, in large part to you guys, we're living our dream of designing premium, affordable travel gear. We listen intently to the great advice from our awesome supporters! Now, you too can travel with our unique, high quality products. Products that actually enhance your adventures, not set you back. 

And that's why we're so passionate! We set out to solve issues that were plaguing us, and many others. We're so proud of the community we've built and thank each and every one of our supporters from the bottom of our hearts. And if you've never heard of us before, we welcome you with open arms to the family!


If you have any questions please email us at

We usually respond within 3 hours on normal work days, sometimes even sooner. 




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