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10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Money Clip Wallet

It's 2017... which means it's time to ditch your big fat wallet and switch to a money clip wallet. We're becoming more of a cashless society. Shouldn't our wallets reflect that?



1. Relieve Stress Off Your Lower Back
It's been pretty well documented that a large bulky wallet can cause rear back issues. But, I don't believe people truly know the long term effects that carrying a wallet in your back pocket can have... Especially if you spend the majority of your time sitting down... The nerves in your lower back are connected to some of the largest muscles in the body - quads, hamstrings, buttocks, and core. Prolonged pressure on these muscles can cause a tsunami wave of ailments. Most commonly, Sciatica. 
- "The problem starts when your sciatic nerve, which is right behind your hip joint, gets pinched between the wallet and your hip itself. Stuffing a wallet in your back pocket also tilts your pelvis to one side, which puts more stress on your spine. Instead of sitting upright, you actually round your lower back" - Stuart McGill, Ph.D
idclipz money clip wallet
Transition your wallet to the front pocket.
2. You Stay Far Better Organized
Your wallet is not a storage filing cabinet! So many people carry things in their wallet that are either complete trash, or not necessary to lug around on a daily basis. Common! you know what I'm talking about... expired membership cards, old receipts, etc... Switching to a money clip wallet will force you to do some spring cleaning in your wallet, and only carry what's needed daily. It's truly amazing how much lighter you'll feel when you discard all that old junk.
idclipz money clip wallet
3. Using a Slim Money Clip Wallet is an Attractive Look
If you care at all about how you look (I hope you do!) you'll know that a large bulky wallet can be a real eye sore. We've all seen a guy who's dressed neatly, looking stylish, then out of nowhere you spot a very awkward looking bulge... a wallet bulge that is! It has no place in your look and tends to throw everything off balance. 
With a front pocket money clip, there is no bulge, you are lighter, and people don't even realize you are carrying a wallet. 
idclipz money clip wallet
Easily slides in & out of your front pocket with no outline. You won't even realize you're carrying it.
4. Reduces Your Chance of Being Pick-Pocketed
If you spend a lot of your time in crowded places, such as a city or subway, it's quite normal for a savvy thief to try and pickpocket you. It's not your fault though! We don't have eyes on the back of our heads. It would take an actual ninja to pluck your wallet out of your front pocket without you noticing, don't ya think?  
idclipz money clip wallet
idclipz money clip wallet
Slides fully inside your pockets. You can't steal what you can't see.
5. Your Cards Will Stay Protected Longer
Using a front pocket wallet will increase the longevity of your valuable cards. Sitting on your cards on a daily basis will start to weaken and bend them over time. We all know how much of a pain it is to replace a card... 
idclipz money clip wallet
Don't go through the hassle of replacing cards for no reason.
6. Fast Easy Access To Your Cash & Cards
No more fumbling around trying to find your credit card, or cash. All the essentials will be staring you right in the face as you pull out your money clip wallet. We live in a fast paced society... you don't have time to search through 6 different pockets to try and locate what you need. Time is the most important resource on this planet. Maximizing efficiency will grant you more time! 
idclipz money clip wallet
7. We're Becoming More of a Cash Free Society
There is no doubt that paper cash is still a large part of our monetary system, but as time goes by we are transitioning to paperless. Not many people walk around with large wads of cash anymore. This is for security reasons, but also for sheer practicality. Society is shifting away from large amounts of cash. Your wallet should mirror this dynamic. 
idclipz money clip wallet
Carry 1-15 bills with our idclipz money clip wallet. Minimalism is the answer.
8. Comfort - Ditch That Fat Ugly Wallet
It sounds so simple, but it's 100% true. Traditional wallets are just not comfortable to carry around. With a slim money clip wallet, you can keep nearly the same carrying capacity of a regular wallet, with 1/4 of the bulk. In our eyes, it's simply a no - brainer.  
idclipz money clip wallet
Standard Wallet 
idclipz money clip wallet.
9. Sit Down Without Having to Take Your Wallet Out
Speed, convenience, efficiency, security. What do these 4 things have in common? They are all achieved by owning a money clip wallet and having the freedom to sit down, or move around 100% un-restricted. Don't waste your time taking your wallet in and out of your pocket. Chances are you will end up losing it. 
idclipz money clip wallet.
Take your wallet out to pay, not to work or relax. 
10. Great Conversation Starter
People are so used to seeing traditional wallets, or standard money clips in everyday society. There is no "wow" or "shock" factor associated. Contrast that to carrying around a money clip wallet. When people see you take out a money clip wallet such as the images below, there will be a double take. 
"Wow I've never seen one of those before. Where can I get one?" 
This is a common line from strangers that we get asked all the time. People notice it. Don't you want to stand out from the ordinary and also look great doing it!?


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